Quality of Life

Will support and work toward the initiatives to enhance quality of life factors for people living and working in the city, through safety and increasing green space areas.

The Johns Creek Police department has been exceptional in protecting residents and enhancing public safety, making Johns Creek one of the safest cities in Georgia.
The Johns Creek Fire department provides and operates multiple public education programs for the community, “keeping our neighborhoods safe” is their top priority. He will support and start new initiatives that would provide additional information to first responders and fire fighters, so that they are fully prepared before they arrive at the incident site.
Walkable neighborhoods, parks and open green spaces will draw people from outside the city and foster social interaction. Open and green spaces in the community will attract prospective buyers and generate multiple economic benefits for homeowners and businesses. As a nature loving person, he will be committed to supporting initiatives to increase and enhance green space.

Create Economic Development

Put forward proposals that would stimulate half-occupied retail centers at major intersections by making them destination centers. Will encourage and incentivize the property owners in making these a family friendly destination center. Placemaking will be a strategic move, which will boost foot traffic at that destination by making it compelling and creating reasons for shoppers to visit.

Energy efficient city

Start programs that would drive in the direction of making Johns Creek an energy efficient city, such as smarter streetlights, solar trees and groves, energy efficient buildings and using the most innovative traffic signal technology.

Smart Streetlights uses a lighting control system to monitor and control energy efficient LED and induction fixtures. The system not only provides a safer environment for residents walking at night but also reduces carbon emissions. These lights are programmed to operate at a percentage of their output during park hours, then turned up to full output when the facility or park is closed. They can even be programed to turn off after a time or manually increase the light output to maximum at any time, should there be an immediate security issue.

This is accomplished by installing photovoltaic (PV) solar structures called “solar trees” as well as arrays referred to as “solar groves” to generate electricity for specific areas, such as parking lots and parks.

Energy efficient buildings will be equipped with glass that can be switched from clear to tinted with the click of a button, this glass can also be programmed to respond to changing sunlight and heat conditions.

Will support any and all initiatives that would address traffic concerns, such as adaptive traffic control system, artificial intelligence-based traffic management system, intelligent traffic signal system or smart traffic signal technology.