Quality of Life
As an active member of the Town Center Advisory Committee, Dilip provided input on design elements for the Master Plan. He will provide framework and direction in creating a vibrant and unique Town Center for Johns Creek residents
Being an experienced environmental engineer, he understands the complexity of the Stormwater problem. He will support and continue the work in Stormwater area started by current council and explore supplemental funding from federal and state agencies to expedite the completion of overall work.
Having served on Recreation & Parks Advisory Committee, understands the bottlenecks, and will address parks staff needs from council for successful implementation of current and future projects. As green space is the major component of quality of life, he will work with the council and parks team to incorporate best park facilities in Cauley creek park, one of the biggest parks in Georgia.
As an Executive Board Member of the Johns Creek Arts center, understands the importance of arts in the City of Johns Creek and will work towards including Legacy Center as part of Town Center.
Support Small Business
As a mentor for small business owners through Small Business Administration (SBA) sponsored organization, SCORE, he gained valuable insight on the hurdles they face and areas of help that city can provide for their success. He will
  •   Work with city staff on streamlining the process of licensing, registration, and compliance.
  •   Provide enhanced support to businesses by creating a central, online repository for resources and information.
  •   Evaluate the impact of every major decision on small businesses through surveys.
  •    Put forward proposals that would stimulate half-occupied retail centers at major intersections by making them destination centers.
Placemaking will be a strategic move, which will boost foot traffic around that destination and in turn bring in more business for small businesses.
The common problem that was stated by most of the businesses in Johns Creek is finding and retaining employees. Less than 10% of residents of Johns Creek work and live in Johns Creek, which is the major cause of employee turnover for small businesses. He will work on creating an environment for employees and residents to work and live within the city limits.
Environmentally Friendly City
  •    Setup and act on renewable energy goals, start programs that would drive in the direction of making Johns Creek an energy efficient city.
  •   Focus on building environmentally responsible buildings.
  •   Incorporate solar structures in green space, both in Town Center and in the parks, existing and in the new parks that are being built.
  •   Evaluate the option of rainwater harvesting in the parks of city of Johns Creek.